tracklosalmon tracklocross race

Tracklosalmon is a tracklocross race that I held last weekend. The basic principle was to run a tracklocross race similar to a dual slalom event. I set out a 40-second course, with a Le Man’s start, a sharp climb and technical downhill. It was to try and run a different style of tracklocross event. One that I felt would have been a laugh.

The first rounds were held one-on-one, with a best of three to move forward to the final. The finals were held as a four-lap race. The Tracklosalmon was a short course, which led to more action and position changes than you would imagine.

As well as the race there was a few extra-curricular events.

We had a hill climb.

Which was followed up by a hill bomb.

Then there was a little bit of pump track action to finish the day off.

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