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My Top 6 Tracklocross Frames for 2022

My Top 6 Tracklocross Frames for 2022

I wrote an enormous article and a follow up where I listed a whole pile of frames for tracklocross. For this year, rather than trying to be fully encompassing, I will list my top 6 tracklocross frames for this year. I’ve gone with frames that should be pretty much available worldwide.

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Slow TV Style Tracklocross Ride With My Daughter

As the title says, I went for a wee ride on the Squid SO-EZ tracklocross monster with my daughter, rocking her Forme kid’s mountain bike. It has been a while since we were last out while awaiting a break in the Scottish weather; it has been non-stop storms recently.

Mindful Cycling, Possibly Tracklocross Style

Mindful Cycling, Possibly Tracklocross Style

The last month has been, or so, has been quiet from me. I’ve been busy, and finding time to write, never mind cycling, has been challenging. I’ve been working on gaining mindfulness and counselling qualifications. I’d found a lot of help in my life through being more mindful. Now I want to pass that teaching on.

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A Slow TV Tracklocross Ride From Luss, Along Loch Lomond to Firkin Point

I shared the first part of this journey, where YouTube somehow won’t show the HD version, now we have the second half of the cycle up to Firkin Point. Sadly, for a January ride, there is no snow but we do have a nice low hanging winter sun as I ride the tracklocross bike alongside one of Scotland’s most famous tourist spots.



Tracklosalmon is a tracklocross race that I held last weekend. The basic principle was to run a tracklocross race similar to a dual slalom event. I set out a 40-second course, with a Le Man’s start, a sharp climb and technical downhill. It was to try and run a different style of tracklocross event. One that I felt would have been a laugh.

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Slow TV Tracklocross Ride to Loch Lomond at Luss

The other day I went out a cycle along the NCN7 and then onto the West Loch Lomond Cycle Path up to Luss for a great view of Ben Lomond. The West Lomond Cycle Path is a 17-mile path up the west side of Loch Lomond, as you would imagine. It is advertised as for all bikes but with the path degradation and general hazards on the path, a wider tyred bike would be a better bet.

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A Little Tracklocross Ride Through Glasgow Green

The other day I went for a ride on the Surly Steamroller through Glasgow Green and Richmond Park. The weather was that terrible dreich weather that we have been having this winter. Cold, grey and rainy; honestly, it totally sucks. Nice to see a lot of people out on walks, though.

Should Tracklocross Bikes Run Studded Tyres?

Should Tracklocross Bikes Run Studded Tyres?

Previously we talked about how a tracklocross bike works well as a commuter bike; one of the ways to up this utilitarian use is to use studded tyres in winter. Studded tyres will help you find grip where previously there was none. You’ll find yourself riding across sections of paths where others will slip and fall.

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