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Fiefdom is a blog about things that interest me. Single speed, fixed gear, pump tracks, and a smattering of tracklocross.

I’ve spent what feels like two lifetimes in the bike trade. I’ve spent all this time wondering, “Why?”

So, now I’m going to explore the why, and mostly rant and complain.

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Tracklocross and Fixed Gear Skids

Skids are not only for kids. They are for everyone. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling long-ass skids on a bike. Tracklocross makes skids feel even better. You can ride through town on your fixed gear and pull skids all day on roads, but as soon as you are out in the

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Where Have I Been?

Do you care, do I even care? Possibly, not the best introduction to a blog post yet, but I’m doing my best. The blog, though, has been ticking over nicely. I guess people want to know about tracklocross? The good news is I still do as well, and I also need to post about my

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Tracklocross Is Mindfulness

Cycling is often used to help us fix our health issues, both physical and mental. It is an excellent tool for this and many of the other ails of society. Cycling is then used to help fight against depression and anxiety, which I’m sure we can all agree is a great idea. I’m going to

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Scottish Tracklocross Rides #2

Carrying on my and off YouTube project documenting the quieter side of tracklocross life. On this ride, I was riding along the Clyde Walkway, most of the footage is shot between Wishaw and Lanark, and it was the first day we’ve had the sun I a while, so everything was great.


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