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Fiefdom was a blog about things that interest me. Then it slowly evolved into a blog with a shop stocking the bits you need to make the tracklocross bike of your dreams.

I am one person and I might not be the most corporate person in the world. I also know that everyone wants everything now. With that said orders may take between 1 and 3 days to send out.

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A Slow TV Tracklocross Ride From Luss, Along Loch Lomond to Firkin Point

I shared the first part of this journey, where YouTube somehow won’t show the HD version, now we have the second half of the cycle up to Firkin Point. Sadly, for a January ride, there is no snow but we do have a nice low hanging winter sun as I ride the tracklocross bike alongside […]

tracklosalmon tracklocross race


Tracklosalmon is a tracklocross race that I held last weekend. The basic principle was to run a tracklocross race similar to a dual slalom event. I set out a 40-second course, with a Le Man’s start, a sharp climb and technical downhill. It was to try and run a different style of tracklocross event. One […]

Slow TV Tracklocross Ride to Loch Lomond at Luss

The other day I went out a cycle along the NCN7 and then onto the West Loch Lomond Cycle Path up to Luss for a great view of Ben Lomond. The West Lomond Cycle Path is a 17-mile path up the west side of Loch Lomond, as you would imagine. It is advertised as for […]

Slow TV Tracklocross Ride Around Pollok Park

The other day, I took the Surly Steamroller for a tracklocross ride around Pollok Park. As you can see, it was one of the few proper winter days that we have had in Glasgow this winter.


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