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Fiefdom was a blog about things that interest me. Then it slowly evolved into a blog with a shop stocking the bits you need to make the tracklocross bike of your dreams.

I am one person and I might not be the most corporate person in the world. I also know that everyone wants everything now. With that said orders may take between 1 and 3 days to send out.

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commuting on a folding bike

The Cycle Path Olympics

Cycling is a race for many people, even if the only people they race with are their imaginary opponents on a cycle path. There is nothing quite like hearing someone change down gears after you have passed them, to then bury themselves to regain their imaginary first place from you. You watch their bodies rock […]

squid so-ez tracklocross bike in the scottish highlands

Squid SO-EZ Quick Tracklocross Bike Check

Up on YouTube is a quick look at my Squid SO-EZ build. The SO-EZ is my go-to tracklocross bike for when the trail gets a bit more technical. It reminds me of a 90’s mountain bike and makes me want to skid around every corner with a huge smile across my face.

fixed gear bikes outside a pub

Ulysses the Tracklocross

As we head into winter, I always feel the urge to ride my bike more. I guess this may seem strange to some people, particularly those of the fair-weather cyclist variety, but I hate the heat and riding in summer makes me mostly feel horrible. I guess this is because I am Scottish, and my […]

what is tracklocross video thumbnail

YouTube Video Series: What is Tracklocross

I’ve started a new series on YouTube exploring what is tracklocross. The first is a quick video explaining what tracklocross is to me; I hope you’ll find it a fun little video. Next week there will be video uploads exploring the parts of tracklocross bikes and possibly a rant on why steel is best.


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