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Fiefdom was a blog about things that interest me. Then it slowly evolved into a blog with a shop stocking the bits you need to make the tracklocross bike of your dreams.

I am one person and I might not be the most corporate person in the world. I also know that everyone wants everything now. With that said orders may take between 1 and 3 days to send out.

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mental health issues

I’ve Been Quiet for a Bit

Recently I’ve been quiet, I’ve missed events, I’ve missed sessions, I’ve hated my bikes, and I’ve mostly been lying in bed pondering existence. I’ve concluded that free will most definitely doesn’t exist, but apart from that, my mental health has been getting a kicking, and as usual, when my mind declines, so does my body.

vaxxxlocross tracklocross race flyer


This weekend will see the first part of the Trackloscotia race series. A 2 event series taking place around Edinburgh. You should follow the link and go get ready to pedal like an idiot.

Tasty Tracklocross Weekend Watching

It is Friday, the end of the working week (possibly), and it is time to chill out and watch a video. A video that will make you want to jump out on your bike this weekend and go shred. Thankfully, I have just the video for you.

Decathlon Elops 500 tracklocross bike

Decathlon Elops 500- A Super Cheap Tracklocross Bike?

One of my most successful posts has been about discussing frames for tracklocross and I was raking about for other examples the other day. I came across the Elops 500 from Decathlon, a complete single speed for £250/€230. A bike that could get you started for less than half the price of any of the […]


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