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Fiefdom was a blog about things that interest me. Then it slowly evolved into a blog with a shop stocking the bits you need to make the tracklocross bike of your dreams.

I am one person and I might not be the most corporate person in the world. I also know that everyone wants everything now. With that said orders may take between 1 and 3 days to send out.

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surly steamroller tracklocross bike in the hills

Riding Uphill on a Tracklocross Bike

Riding uphill is often considered the bane of riding a fixed gear or tracklocross bike, but it isn’t. I will give you the number one tip for going uphill right here. See if you want to get off and push or sit down for a minute? Do it. You shouldn’t care what anyone else says. […]

squid so-ez tracklocross bike in the scottish highlands

My Top 6 Tracklocross Frames for 2022

I wrote an enormous article and a follow up where I listed a whole pile of frames for tracklocross. For this year, rather than trying to be fully encompassing, I will list my top 6 tracklocross frames for this year. I’ve gone with frames that should be pretty much available worldwide.

squid so-ez tracklocross in the woods

Tracklocross: In Praise of a Simple Bike

The other day at work, I built up a wheelie bike for a new project. It struck me that this bike is so simple. The wheelie bike has stripped away what you don’t need, and you have a bike that is just simply a bike. It is a bike that will work, and you don’t […]

Slow TV Style Tracklocross Ride With My Daughter

As the title says, I went for a wee ride on the Squid SO-EZ tracklocross monster with my daughter, rocking her Forme kid’s mountain bike. It has been a while since we were last out while awaiting a break in the Scottish weather; it has been non-stop storms recently.


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