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Fiefdom was a blog about things that interest me. Then it slowly evolved into a blog with a shop stocking the bits you need to make the tracklocross bike of your dreams.

I am one person and I might not be the most corporate person in the world. I also know that everyone wants everything now. With that said orders may take between 1 and 3 days to send out.

Latest Posts

The Theodicy: An Attempt to Vindicate Gears

Theodicy is said to mean “vindication of God,” in Greek, but really it is an attempt to justify gearing systems on bikes. It is better not to think of this as a defence of gears but as a way to show that if gears exist, then they are compatible with evil happening; gears do not…

mycelium cycles – A Tracklocross Bike Company

I have finally put my money where my mouth is and started to put together little parts kits to make your voyage into tracklocross that little bit easier. I don’t even want you to buy a new bike; if you have an early 90’s MTB, then you could be on an easy and cheap street…

Alfred Jarry – The Supermale of Tracklocross

Alfred Jarry is responsible for modernism; without him, we might not have had Dadaism and surrealism. Much more importantly, though he loved to ride around Paris on a fixed gear bike and use pistols to keep people out of his way, truly a great way to get about. He may be best known for the…

Tracklosalmon -Tracklocross Race

This Sunday at Cathkin Braes, we will run a dual slalom tracklocross race. The meetup starts at midday, and here is the What 3 Words for the location. There will be prizes, there will be skids, jumps and rad times, so grab a friend and come and hang out.


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