Track Frames With Clearance for Tracklocross

squid so-ez tracklocross frameset

When I touted the idea of putting out tracklocross information, one of the most asked questions was what track frames could clear 32 mm wide tyres? Below you’ll see the frames that can handle wider tyres for getting out and about through your local woods. Hopefully, the list will be organic and will be updated and changed as I find more frames. No links in the text are affiliate links.

I now also have a part 2 to this post.

If you want a super cheap tracklocross build, then I’ve looked at the Decathlon Elops 500.

All-City Big Block

Can you see the subtle grey on the All-City Big Block tracklocross frame?

The All-City Big Block is a track legal frame with clearance for 32 mm tyres and a set of bottle bosses. Making it a simple conversion to tracklocross. The Big Block frame is also drilled for brakes; go with long-drop brakes to make your life easier.

If you fancy a Big Block, I just added a store to the site, and you can pick one up by clicking on the link.

Surly Steamroller

Surly Steamroller frameset

The Surly Steamroller is the quintessential do everything fixed gear. It has brake holes drilled and has fender eyelets. It has clearance for 700 x 38 mm tyres (you don’t want to try and use standard track wheel rims here if you’re going for 38 mm tyres).

Pake Rum Runner

Pake Rum Runner frame

The Pake Rum Runner is a fantastic no-nonsense choice for a tracklocross frame. You’ll find clearance for 32 mm tyres and a rear brake hole. You’ll also find that the frame decals are supplied, and it is up to you if you want to run them.

Squid SO-EZ

Squid So-Ez frameset

The Squid So-Ez is all about tracklocross. It comes with 40 mm tyre clearance, but to help get this clearance, you get a 135 mm back end. To get a fixed wheel, you can either buy a 135 mm fixed rear hub, change the axle in a standard track hub for a longer axle, or use a mountain bike disc hub and fit an iso cog to the disc brake mount we’ve got an article coming on that. Squid also have a crank/hub guide chart.

Skream Ranger

The newest tracklocross specific frameset to the market is the new Skream Ranger. You get a frameset that would not look out of place in a velodrome, but that has clearance for 43mm wide tyres. It also comes with hidden disc brake mounts, so you can turn this beast into a single speed cyclocross weapon, or take advantage of the hidden fender and rack mounts and have an all year round fast commuter.

Mercier Kilo WT

Mercier Kilo WT tracklocross bike

It is technically not a frameset, but it is pretty hard to miss out with “wide tyres” in its name. The Mercier Kilo WT can fit tyres up to 45 mm, which is 1.75″ for those allergic to the metric system. It is also the same price, or cheaper, than some of the framesets here, so you could argue you are getting bang for your buck, and it might be the easiest way to enjoy tracklocross.

Soma Rush

Soma Rush tracklocross frameset

The Soma Rush can clear 32 mm tyres without brakes and only 28 mm with them. Even though it is still a great 4130 steel frame and look fantastic, you’ll be able to use it as the heart of custom build and still not break the bank. Unlike many of the frames here, it uses a 1″ threaded headset, which gives it a great retro look but makes sure you remember that when ordering parts.

Santafixe Born Dirty Green Tracklocross

Santafixie Born Dirty Green Tracklocross bike

The Santafixie Born Dirty Green is a great value complete tracklocross bike, especially if you live in the EU. The bike costs less than many of the frames here. The frame can also handle 34 mm wide tyres and comes fitted with 32mm wide tyres out the box, which will help if you live in a really muddy part of the world.

Cinelli Tutto Plus

Cinelli Tutto Plus tracklocross frameset

The Cinelli Tutto Plus might be all the bikes you need rolled into one. It comes with a massive tyre clearance of 45 mm, achieved by using a 130 mm rear hub width. You can even add brakes and a rear derailleur if you want. It won’t be a tracklocross bike, but it does mean you get more than one bike with this frameset’s purchase.

Mash Steel

Mash Steel SS by Mike Martin

The San Franciscan brand, Mash, might be one of the most coveted brands. If you can get one, you’ll find clearance for 38 mm wide tyres and a set of double water bottle mounts so you can be out for longer.

Velocci Old Street

Veloci Old Street tracklocross frameset

The Veloci Old Street is another tracklocross frameset that comes with removable v-brake studs, so that might let you also use the bike in some cyclocross races as well as tracklocrossing. You’ll also find clearance for 35 mm wide tyres, which might upset the UCI if you become a pro-cyclocross racer.

Poseidon FX Tracklocross

Poseidon FX Tracklocross bike

The Poseidon FX can fit 38 mm tyres, and if you follow Youtubers, it might just be the best bang for buck tracklocross frameset available. It is also the first non-steel frameset in this guide. It might just be the one that lets you afford to go tracklocrossing.

Brother Allday

The Brother Allday tracklocross frame is minty fresh

The Brother Allday is another of the utilitarian versions of a tracklocross frameset. The Allday can clear 35 mm wide tyres and has fender and rack mounts, so you can go and play or go and use your bike to collect your shopping.

Omnium CXC

Omnium CXC tracklocross bike

Carrying on with our utility theme, the Omnium CXC is another steel bike that can be set up in various ways. It comes with a 135 mm rear end and 37 mm wide tyres clearance. It comes as a single speed bike, but you could disconnect the rear brake, fit an ISO cog and flip the wheel. Change the tyres, and you have a low-cost tracklocross beast.

Octane One Zoid

The Octane One Zoid isn’t available as a frameset, but it is a cheap complete. The bike can run 42 mm tyres and has enough clearance for a barspin if you want that. The Zoid is constructed from hi-ten steel rather than the higher grades we see elsewhere, which helps keep the price down. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is terrible, just that it’ll be heavier, but if you’re in the EU and don’t want to spend a lot on a new tracklocross bike, then this might be a good option for you.

36 thoughts on “Track Frames With Clearance for Tracklocross

      1. Even if this guy tells me his bike is ok, I don’t know how much of a hothead he is. I still wonder about the ability of such a cheap build to handle a tracklocross race. What do you think of this build ?

      2. The Santafixie looks like many stock complete fixed gear but they saw that you could fit wider tyres in. At the price, I think it looks bang on the money, esp in the green paint job.

    1. I sent them an email by curiosity. For them their build is not adapted to the practice. Do you think they are shy ? What do you think about the solidity of the wheelset ?

      1. Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve had a crazy last two weeks. I would guess a grass track build should last, years ago the grass track guys used to be super competitive, but lately, it is seen as more of a sideshow. I’d go with the Miche wheels, purely due to the higher spoke count.

  1. Kind of a tracklocross bike but Otso Warakin with the singlespeed drop-out option & the right hub could make it a pricey tracklocross bike in either stainless steel or titanium.

    1. Another option is virtually any ‘70s road bike. They generally have plenty of tire clearance and the dropouts are horizontal and close enough to 120mm that a track wheelset works fine. I ride a 1974 Schwinn Paramount and it works as well as any purpose-built tracklocross frame.

      1. I think I’m going to do a bit about conversions in the future. I was going for easy off the shelf options on this feature. I’m also planning a custom frame builder guide as well.

  2. Soma Pake can do 32mm in the rear & 33mm knobby with the disc fork & possible some 35mm road tires.

  3. it be cool if in the description you can mention if the complete bike comes speced with sealed or loose ball bearing & what hub spacing is used f+r. Thank you

    1. Thanks. The frames all come with a 120mm rear ended except the ones I note don’t. As the article is about track frames the assumption is that they would have a standard track size spacing, unless otherwise noted. All of them have standard front hub spacing of 100mm, no suspension forks here so no Boost spacing.

      As it was an article mainly listing frames and tyre clearance I didn’t want to go into too many other features. I will look at bikes in the future and that will discuss hubs.

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