Track Frames With Clearance for Tracklocross – Part 2

dolan pre cursa grass track frame for tracklocross

The first part of the guide to frames for tracklocross has proven to be a bit of a hit, and I’ve also had people send me other options and frames to look at and see what I think. Now, I’ve started to compile a second guide so that we don’t end up with a massive mess of a post.

Dolan Pre Cursa Frameset

If you’ve ever learnt to ride at a velodrome, the chances are that the hire bike was a Dolan Pre Cursa. It is a reliable frame, and if you’ve ever learnt to ride at a velodrome, the chances are that the hire bike was a Dolan Pre Cursa. They do a grass track bike with this frame with 35mm wide Conti tyres, and we can assume it has some good tracklocross clearance. It is a reliable frameset that builds a great little track bike at an excellent price.

Ribble urban 725s

ribble 725s for tracklocross?

Made out of Reynolds 725 steel and under £500 for a frameset, then the Ribble 725s might be the answer you need for your tracklocross build. With tyre clearance of up to 38mm, you’ll be able to join the club with ease and first many of the new modern gravel tyres to your steed.

Skream Anodiz

The Skream Anodiz might not have the exact tyre clearance as their Ranger model. But, it does come for a lot less cash. It will still fit 32mm wide tyres, which can be plenty wide depending on where you live. It also features tube shapes that are a bit extravagant if you are used to skinny steel tubes.

BLB Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker is one of those frames designed to raid your spares drawer and build the bike you need. The BLB Hitchhiker is another one of those frames to pick if you don’t know if you’ll stick with tracklocross. You can run discs, cantis, no brakes, racks, fenders, and has clearance for 42mm tyres. It might not be fancy, but it’ll certainly get you down the road.

10 thoughts on “Track Frames With Clearance for Tracklocross – Part 2

  1. Otso has a few tracklocross options with the single speed/fixie chip option. Might be worthy of this list, though they are up there in price as some of the bikes are carbon and others are titanium.

    There is also the Priority Ace which is a belt driven bike. Another one worth a look for this list.

  2. Hey, a bombtrack needle would clear 35c on the rear. The Front only fits up to a 28 though but you can easily swap the fork for bigger clearance

  3. Hi, I know a mexican bike reseller that partnered with a local framebuilder and are about to release a tracklocross specific frameset. I’ll share some pictures in your DM soon.

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