mycelium cycles – A Tracklocross Bike Company

mycelium cycles a tracklocross bike company

I have finally put my money where my mouth is and started to put together little parts kits to make your voyage into tracklocross that little bit easier. I don’t even want you to buy a new bike; if you have an early 90’s MTB, then you could be on an easy and cheap street to build your first tracklocross beast.

It is fairly easy to pick up a nice steel early 90s mountain bike for cheap, or a family member might have one kicking around a shed or garage. Many of these bikes will have horizontalish dropouts spaced at 135mm. Grab a cheap disc brake 135mm wheel, and bolt the iso cog that comes in this kit with the supplied rotor bolts.

Fit the chain that also comes, and off you go into fixed gear heaven. You don’t even have to take your brakes off until you are comfortable riding fixed gear, as many cheap 135mm disc wheels will also have a brake track on the rim. Amazon has a Raleigh wheel at £32. If you decide tracklocross isn’t for you, you now have a spare wheel that will accept gears again.

See, you don’t have to buy a track fame. A nice, comfortable mountain bike with a fixed wheel is still tracklocross unless you want to be an ultra-purist.

If you want to know more about the kits, then message me below or find me on Instagram.

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  1. I like your approach to the sport: not ridiculously strict about what constitutes the “right equipment.” I’m mainly in road cycling and find it so tiresome how there’s a definite elitist crowd who wouldn’t wave at you to save their lives as you’re wearing the wrong length of socks, or some other random meaningless thing about your bike or kit. Honestly, any new person hopping on a bike, any bike, is making the planet better just by getting on it.

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