My Top 6 Tracklocross Frames for 2023

squid so-ez tracklocross bike in the scottish highlands

I wrote an enormous article and a follow up where I listed a whole pile of frames for tracklocross. For this year, rather than trying to be fully encompassing, I will list my top 6 tracklocross frames for this year. I’ve gone with frames that should be pretty much available worldwide.

I am also not saying that these are the six best frames objectively; this list is purely subjective. Like my previous articles, this article is not about getting you to click through and buy frames so that I get a few pennies. I have no affiliate links here, and I never will, as that will objectively kill my subjectivity.

Surly Steamroller

The Surly Steamroller is the quintessential do everything fixed gear, except for mounting racks. It has brake holes drilled and has fender eyelets. It has clearance for 700 x 38 mm tyres and has done so for years. The 2022 colourway of Banana Candy Yellow is also excellent and still available for 2023. It looks amazing in the flesh.

A quick look on Instagram, and you’ll see the Steamroller has been a long time favourite for many people. Part of the reason for this is that it was the only off-the-shelf frame that ran 120 mm hubs and could fit wider than 28 mm tyres for many years.

Did I mention that yellow colour?

Destroy Tracklocross

Inverted cross bridges and a fantastic paint job, it can only be the Destroy Tracklocross frameset. A steel frame mated to a carbon fork, and we have a combination ready to get you slaying the trails for Satan. I keep telling myself I will one day buy one, and one day I will.

You’ll also find clearance for 42 to 45 mm wide tyres. You’ll have all the cushion you need for when riding washboard trails and more tyre width to lay down some sweet skids. Unlike the rest of the steel frames here, you’ll find a seat tube with a larger diameter making getting a dropper post easier if you want one. Since you asked, it is 31.6 mm.

Squid SO-EZ V2 TX

squid so-ez tracklocross frameset

The Squid So-Ez is all about tracklocross. It comes with a 40 mm tyre clearance, but to help get this clearance, you get a 135 mm back end. To get a fixed wheel, you can either buy a 135 mm fixed rear hub, change the axle in a standard track hub for a longer axle, or use a mountain bike disc hub and fit an iso cog to the disc brake mount we’ve got an article coming on that (he said a year ago and then never did). Squid also have a crank/hub guide chart.

The Squid feels to me like a 90’s mtb. It is a fun ride and the bike I pick up most often in my collection. I just seemed to gel with it. If I’m riding a more mountain bike trail, this is the tracklocross bike I’d pick up.

All-City Big Block

The All-City Big Block is a track legal frame with clearance for 32 mm tyres and a set of bottle bosses. If you’re using it on a velodrome and at the trails, you might want to have a different set of wheels and tyres. If you don’t fancy skidding all the time, then the Big Block comes drilled for brakes. Make sure you buy long drop brakes.

I’ve used a Big Block for plenty of big rides, but I feel it comes into its own when you fancy nipping out for a quick blast. It enjoys when you’re sprinting up a climb, for the next tree, or to the local shops. It’s a fun bike and relatively easy to get a hold of one. You should give one a shot.

Skream Ranger

Next up, we have the Skream Ranger, the first frame not made from steel in this lineup. You get a frameset that would not look out of place in a velodrome, but it has 43 mm wide tyres clearance. It also comes with hidden disc brake mounts, so you can turn this beast into a single speed cyclocross weapon or take advantage of the hidden fender and rack mounts and have an all year round fast commuter.

Not only is the frame constructed from lightweight 6066 aluminium, but the fork is also a full carbon fibre beast. Which all help make the Ranger the lightest frameset in this article if that is your thing.

Pake Rum Runner

I like the Pake Rum Runner, it is a pretty simple steel frame, and I like my bikes simple. You’ll find clearance for 32 mm tyres and a rear brake hole. You’ll also find that the frame decals are supplied. It is up to you if you want to run them. This is great as I’m sure most aero “gains” in road bikes are so that companies can have a larger logo. It sucks riding around looking like a huge advertisement without getting paid for it.

There you go, that is my favourite tracklocross frames for 2023. Feel free to disagree and tell me that I don’t know anything in the comments. I’d probably be happier if you didn’t though, but it’s up to you. I’m off out on a ride now. Enjoy your day.

15 thoughts on “My Top 6 Tracklocross Frames for 2023

  1. Many thanks to maintain this wonderful blog.

    What do you think of Decathlon Elops 500 single speed bycicle ?

    I’ve mounted 700×35 Michelin Power Gravel, 780 mm riser handlebar, alloy pedals on it (ASAP I will mount a fixed cog hoping to find a 17T so I can ride fixed on 44×17).

    Last summer the max distance I’ve rided in one day was 90 kms on white roads and paths (I had a lot of fun !).

    This bycicle seems great but I’m a newbie and I would like to know what the “expert/s” think about it.

    Many thanks in advance and have a nice rides !

    1. It looks great value for the money.

      There have been many on Instagram now showing that they last as well, proving you don’t always need to pay a lot to have loads of tracklocross fun.

  2. Many thanks Gothtan,

    it’s amazing to see that this cheap bike can survive to tracklocross rides.

    I bought a 17 tooth fixed cog, can’t wait to put it on my bike, after removing brakes, the tracklocross transition of my single speed bike finally will be completed !!!

    Have fun !

  3. This is great! I appreciate you taking the time to research and share your top 6 picks. It’s always helpful to have recommendations from an expert like yourself. I’m sure this will be a valuable resource to many cyclists looking for the perfect tracklocross frame. Thanks for putting in the work!

  4. Hey, nice bit of info. Retrogression, in Portland, just revealed that their Surly rep says the the company has no plans for further production of the Steamroller. Inconceivable. If you’ve been waffling on ‘roller, find one now.

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