Can a Tracklocross Bike Be a Great Commuter?

squid so-ex tracklocross bike commuting in glasgow

People often ask me if their bike can work as a commuter? Which got me thinking about using a tracklocross bike as a commuter. The simple answer is that a tracklocross bike will make an excellent commuter, especially when the weather is less than perfect.

The perfect commuter

A tracklocross bike makes a great commuter due to the simple fact that they require almost no maintenance. Who wants to spend hours in the garage cleaning and repairing their bike at the end of the working week? If you don’t skid, you can expect your bike to last years with minimum work and cost.

The reason for this is that a tracklocross bike is a fixed gear bike. For years, a fixed gear bike has been the first choice for generations of urban commuters. Many commuters have picked a fixed gear because of the simplicity and difficulty you’ll have in breaking your bike. A bike that doesn’t break means you’ll always be able to get to work on time.

Have you tried to carry your bike upstairs? A cheap fixed gear is usually easier to do this with than a cheap geared bike. The simplicity of a fixed gear bike also makes it lighter. A lighter bike is easy to climb upstairs with, making it more suitable for an urban environment.

The fun factor of tracklocross

So far, we have discussed the benefits of fixed gear but have not mentioned the area that tracklocross excels. Tracklocross takes this simple bike, makes it more inappropriate, and adds loads of fun. Having fun is why you stick with hobbies or doing things. Having fun will make your commute more fun.

How is it more fun? That is a great question, and I’m glad I asked myself that. The reason is you can sneak offroad. The benefit of offroad riding is that cars are often not there. The risk of not being killed by someone else’s error and only being killed by a mistake of your making is way more fun.

Skids are also more fun offroad. I’m not saying they aren’t fun on roads because they are. However, a big cloud of dust or soaking wet mud kicking up in the air is way more satisfying. The smile these skids generate can last for days. Imagine getting to work and having a smile on your face?

It is also therapeutic to ride through slightly more wild areas. Give your head the nature it craves. The city is cool, but trees are way cooler. Take the long way to work and improve your life.

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