Getting Ready to Ride Tracklocross This Weekend

Going riding at the weekend is excellent, going riding tracklocross is even better. An old hangup from my BMX days is watching a video or two to get myself ready for the forthcoming fun. A good chance to get myself hyped up and ready to shred. This Friday I’ve decided to watch a Russian tracklocross video.

Like many people, I now just endlessly consume videos on YouTube. It makes finding a video both hard and easy. Everything you could want to watch is there, and it is easy to get stuck just scrolling through your suggested videos. So, I’m going to make it easy and post fun and easy to watch video below.

The other thing I like about this video is that the comments section is all in Cyrillic. I can’t read Cyrillic so now I’m not going to waste my time getting caught up in some essentially meaningless argument on YouTube, a win/win.


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