all-city gorilla monsoon gravel bike

It is 2021, and like many people, my 2020 was interesting. It has though inspired me to change my outlook on life. Writing and cycling were both a game for me, and both allowed me to get paid. In many ways, this ruins your enjoyment of both. Even when I tried to remove myself from a commercial frame of mind, it dragged me back in.

I decided it was now time to blog, but to do so without thinking of it as work, without worrying about post length, structure, tone, a catchy clickbait title. Hell, I’m not even planning on re-reading, you the poor reader as just going to get my stream of consciousness. I’m not going to aim at posting every day, week, or month. I’ll post when I like and about what I want to post.

I’ll probably post about bikes, why gears suck, why marketing sucks, and why voting Tory is a terrible idea. Am I aiming to make friends and influence people? Again no. I just like typing out words, and it relaxes me. Why then share them with the world? Who knows, maybe someone else will feel comforted by my inane ramblings and perhaps there is a narcissistic streak in me that feels the world needs to hear me?

There is also the lovely fact that in Scotland we are now in lockdown and this might just be a way to save the remnants of my mind. So, come and join me on a voyage of discovery, and if you don’t want to then good luck on your voyage.

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