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Another Scottish Tracklocross Ride

Another little jaunt on the tracklocross bike, to be honest, though this one may be more considered a fixed gear ride. I ride alongside the Forth and Clyde canal as it meanders between Clydebank and Bowling. I was off to look at the new Bowline active travel path and assess future group ride routes.

Making Your Tracklocross Ride More Mindful

Making Your Tracklocross Ride More Mindful

Today I took myself out on a tracklocross ride in conditions everyone else was complaining about riding in. I had the time of my life, though. As a result, I found I just had a new lust for life. Don’t fear the conditions; embrace them; even though they weren’t perfect, I didn’t let that ruin my day. Today, I was lived in the moment. I was mindful.

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Tracklocross Tyres: What You Need to Know

Tracklocross Tyres: What You Need to Know

I will not recommend brands or sizing for tracklocross tyres; I will tell you about different tyre patterns and their uses. The reason for not recommending brands is that they may be almost impossible to buy, thanks to the pandemic. Sizing will also come down to your frame. A true track frame will have way less tyre clearance than a Squid SO-EZ or Surly Steamroller.

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On the 15th of Jan 2022, Fiefdom (me) will be bringing Trackloslalom to Wishawhill Wood Pump Track. What is Tracklosalmon, I hear you ask. Tracklosalmon is a tracklocross race crossed with a dual slalom race. In our course, you’ll find woods, mud, swamp, and even part of a pump track.

Will it be fun?