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NHS Social Prescribing

In my day to day, we’ve just been booked to try an NHS social prescribing pilot. We’ll be running various BMX and gravel rides for them. Today I was off laying down routes for people to follow on the loops. As the loops are short and we don’t want to put people off, we thought it would be a better idea to run these guides on YouTube as a visual cue.

Anxiety and Going for a Ride

Anxiety and Going for a Ride

Cycling is touted as a solution to various mental health issues, to be truthful it is. In fact, for my day job, I’m creating social prescribing courses based on cycling for the NHS. The problem for me, and I’m sure for many other people, is getting out the door. I’m going to offer one solution that I think can help solve this issue and also boost your local economy.

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