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Tracklocross Chronicles: YouTube VLOGs

Tracklocross Chronicles: YouTube VLOGs

Ok, so I’ve now started to do VLOGs. In the first one, I’ve left all my mistakes in, so you can see that we are all imperfect, but we can try our best. I’m also in no way a YouTube professional, and these VLOGs will always reflect that. In this one, I forgot to put any tracklocross in, but you do get a little FGFS action and a look at the fixed gear BMX I built; I think it’ll change the world, but I’m not saying if for good or for bad.

The FGFS Bike Idea –  What is FGFS?

The FGFS Bike Idea – What is FGFS?

A few months ago, I pondered riding an FGFS bike again. Then, after a month or so, I got one, sort of. I bought a Radio Ceptor, which is seemingly a Bombtrack Zion that has been repurposed and turned into a 26″ wheeled BMX cruiser. Its 120mm spacing at the rear makes the idea that it is a fixed gear freestyle frame seem legitimate, especially as it looks like the Zion and is released through Bombtrack’s sister company.

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