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What Is the Difference Between a Single Speed and a Fixed Gear (Fixie) Bike?

What Is the Difference Between a Single Speed and a Fixed Gear (Fixie) Bike?

A single speed and a fixed gear bike will look very similar to most people when you put them side by side, but what is the difference between them? The main difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike is that you can coast on a single speed. On a fixed gear, you are pedalling, or you are stopped. If you want to know more then, please read on.

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Underbiking for Fun

The wast majority of people overbike. They do this because the media and marketing have made them feel it is the only way to achieve their goals. They’ll be faster if they buy this. Marketing, as I always say, is geared at racing. That is a massive issue for creating an inclusive cycling culture. Do you think everyone in the Netherlands feels that they are in a race? That is one of the reasons we should underbike.

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Saturday Tracklocross Viewing

I’ve not said much recently, partly because continually being on Teams meetings has sucked my willingness to be on a computer in my free time. Now it is time for a little video to help you get out and shred this weekend. I guess it also helps that this tracklocross edit features music by a local member of the skate scene done well.

What Gear Ratio Should I Pick for Tracklocross?

What Gear Ratio Should I Pick for Tracklocross?

Picking a gearing for setting up your first tracklocross build can be daunting. The first two recommendations I ever heard were to go with a 63″ gear inch or to go with a 2:1 ratio. These were both recommended to me in the dim and distant past and were for riding single speed offroad. It was so long ago we used 26″ wheels, remember them?

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What Are Skid Patches?

What Are Skid Patches?

If you’re new to tracklocross, or fixed geared bikes in general, you might be wondering why people talk about skid patches and what they are. To put it simply, a skid patch is the part of your tyre that is in contact with the ground when you’re skidding. If you want to find out more, then read on.

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Snowy Saturday

Yesterday I posted a video from an unsnowy Russia. Today I thought we could look at a snowy video from Leipzig, a place slightly unaccustomed to snow. Riding a fixed gear with too big a gear for the conditions is what a few people believe tracklocross is all about, to be honest, they are probably not wrong.

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Getting Ready to Ride Tracklocross This Weekend

Going riding at the weekend is excellent, going riding tracklocross is even better. An old hangup from my BMX days is watching a video or two to get myself ready for the forthcoming fun. A good chance to get myself hyped up and ready to shred. This Friday I’ve decided to watch a Russian tracklocross video.

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