Surly Steamroller or All-City Big Block for Tracklocross

Do you remember when I released this video about these two tracklocross greats above?

No, fair enough. It did, though, lead to other things, including the thing everyone told me couldn’t be done.

A tracklocross specific shop (I may also add some FGFS parts as well). I’m only going to serve niche cycle sports, and I’m claiming I’m the first. 🤣

That’s right; I’m going to claim the world’s first tracklocross-specific shop. Thanks to Back Street Distributioand Ison Distribution for believing in my dreams.

I’ve added these two frames to shop, so if you want one and you’re short, it might be a great time to do so, especially given the Steamroller rumours.

Check the Linktree in the bio and watch as I slowly build the stock up.

Thanks to all those who have supported me so far.

Also, if you are in Glasgow, come on my tracklocross ride tomorrow and share the joy.

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