Tracklocross and Fixed Gear Skids

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Skids are not only for kids. They are for everyone. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling long-ass skids on a bike. Tracklocross makes skids feel even better. You can ride through town on your fixed gear and pull skids all day on roads, but as soon as you are out in the wild and hammering through skids in the dirt, especially if it’s dry and dusty, and life just gets even better.

That is right; we can dry and dusty conditions in Scotland. The slow-motion helps to show how you skid on a fixed gear bike. You’re pushing down with one foot and pulling up with the other. Doing so causes the back wheel to lock. It is also easier to do with level feet. By that, I mean one foot at 3 ‘o’clock and one foot at 9 ‘o’clock.

You’ll also obviously want some kind of foot retention to make this happen. So buy some straps or get disco slippers and cleats.

Save up and buy loads of tyres and get out and skid.

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